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Shed Trailers - For Fast, Efficient Shed Moving / Hauling / Delivery

Looking for shed trailers for fast, easy and efficient home deliveries? Do you need high-quality, heavy-duty shed hauling trailers to transfer sheds from one location to another or move sheds long distances? How about versatile shed moving trailers for sheds of any size including mini barn trailers?

Then you'll love the custom built shed hauling trailers from Pine Hill Manufacturing. Choose a shed delivery trailer in any length ranging from 16' to 24'. The goal with our shed moving trailers is to make your home deliveries - Quick, Easy, & Efficient

At Pine Hill Manufacturing, we specialize in shed delivery trailers and offer four exclusive shed trailer designs. Each model of our specialized shed moving trailers is designed to make loading, hauling and unloading sheds fast and easy. You'll also save time and money too!


Light to Medium Duty shed delivery trailer. Trailer length up to 24 feet.


Heavy-duty capacity shed moving trailer. Trailer length up to 30 feet.


Heavy-duty. Great for small or large sheds. Trailer length 20-28 feet.


Heavy-duty, flatbed trailer best for large deliveries. Trailer length 24-45 feet.

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So whether you need a light or medium duty shed moving trailer for occasional deliveries, mini barn trailers or heavy duty shed hauling trailers that can handle sheds of every size and shape, you'll find what you need at Pine Hill Manufacturing.

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