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There's a mule shed mover designed for all your needs.

Pine Hill Manufacturing services shed movers in Pennsylvania by providing a Mule that's suited for small shed deliveries or large structures. We have the Mule III which is perfect for moving and placing small to medium-sized sheds. Plus, you can always upgrade to the Mule IV HD if you need the extra lift capacity to place larger sheds and cabins. Besides, it offers twice the torque drive.

What about your largest structures?

You'll definitely want our Mule V shed mover, which provides real "kick" with 24 Hp engine and a 5,000lb. standard lift capacity.

When you need a mule shed mover, let Pine Hill Manufacturing be your first choice for shed movers in Pennsylvania to get the job done. You'll be pleased to know that the three different models of our Mules have a Hydrostatic Driven System, powered by the always reliable 13 or 24 Horse Power Honda gas engine, which is powerful enough to move small to large sheds or cabins with ease.

A great value, the Mule III is lightweight and easy to maneuver on properties of all sizes. Able to haul sheds from 6' x 8' to 14' x 30', it's the perfect choice for small and medium shed placements.

With more weight and power, the Mule IV HD features double the torque drive as the Mule III. It's the right choice for hauling and placing larger sheds and cabins. With an awesome 5,000 lb. lift capacity, the Mule IV HD is great for moving and placing heavier structures.

With an incredible 5,000 lift capacity standard, the Mule V is a real powerhouse! Featuring a 24 Hp engine, it offers unparalleled performance to make moving and setting sheds and other large structures into place nearly effortless. An optional remote control simplifies the process even further.
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